The LLAKES Centre publishes a series of research papers, written by both members of the Centre and by invited contributors from other organisations. These Papers typically represent work-in-progress for the authors concerned; these versions of the papers are placed on-line in order to encourage discussion and debate. There are currently 69 papers available to download.

  • Research Paper 29: From learning for the knowledge-based economy to learning for growth: re-examining clusters, innovations and qualifications
    by Laura James, David Guile and Lorna Unwin
  • Research Paper 28: University Incubators and Knowledge Mediation Strategies: Policy and Practice in Creating Competitive City-Regions
    by Susan L. Robertson and Fumi Kitagawa
  • Research Paper 27: Industrial Doctorates - Employer Engagement in Research and Skills Formation
    by Fumi Kitigawa
  • Research Paper 26: Modernising the Pharmacy Curriculum
    by David Guile and Farah Ahamad
  • Research Paper 25: Learning at work as a low grade worker: the case of hospital porters
    by Alison Fuller, Ian Laurie and Lorna Unwin
  • Research Paper 24: The Spatial Dimensions of Skills for Life Workplace Provision
    by Natasha Kersh, Edmund Waite and Karen Evans
  • Research Paper 23: Is the Workplace 'Skills for Life' Provision Sustainable in the UK?
    by Edmund Waite, Karen Evans and Natasha Kersh
  • Research Paper 22: The Impact of the 2008-9 Recession on the Extent, Form and Patterns of Training at Work
    by Alan Felstead, Francis Green and Nick Jewson
  • Research Paper 21: Mapping Demands of Social Change
    by Rainer K. Silbereisen and Martin J. Tomasik
  • Research Paper 20: What is Skill? An Inter-Disciplinary Synthesis
    by Francis Green
  • Research Paper 19: Constructing Universities' Responses to Europe's Lisbon Agenda: the Roles of the European Commission in Creating the Europe of Knowledge
    by Roger Dale
  • Research Paper 18: Swedish Free Schools: Do they work?
    by Susanne Wiborg
  • Research Paper 17: Industry knowledge spillovers: Do workers gain from their collective experience?
    by Rebecca Riley
  • Research Paper 16: Globalising UK Higher Education
    by Susan L. Robertson
  • Research Paper 15: Adult Learning in Decline? Recent Evidence at UK National and City-Region Level
    by Geoff Mason
  • Research Paper 14: Endogeneity Problems in Multilevel Estimation of Education Production Functions: an Analysis Using PISA Data
    by Saïd Hanchane and Tarek Mostafa
  • Research Paper 13: Economic Benefits of Lifelong Learning
    by Richard Dorsett, Silvia Lui and Martin Weale
  • Research Paper 12: Bachelor's and Short Degrees in the UK and US: New Social Rates of Return and Non-Market Effects
    by Walter W McMahon and Moses Oketch
  • Research Paper 11: A Dangerous Obsession? Rethinking National Indices of Lifelong Learning and Competitiveness
    by Jordi Planas and John Preston
  • Research Paper 10: Adult Training, Skills Updating and Recession in the UK: The Implications for Competitiveness and Social Inclusion
    by Geoff Mason and Kate Bishop