The LLAKES Centre publishes a series of research papers, written by both members of the Centre and by invited contributors from other organisations. These Papers typically represent work-in-progress for the authors concerned; these versions of the papers are placed on-line in order to encourage discussion and debate. There are currently 69 papers available to download.

  • Research Paper 49: Interdiscipinarity in Action: building and using a conceptual infrastructure for interdisciplinary studies of risk
    by Karen Evans, Seppo Kontiainen, Ingrid Schoon and Martin Weale
  • Research Paper 48: Rethinking industrial policy design in the UK: foreign ideas and lessons, home-grown programmes and initiatives
    by Geoff Mason and Max Nathan
  • Research Paper 47: Why are Literacy and Numeracy Skills in England so Unequal? Evidence from the OECD’s Survey of Adult Skills and Other International Surveys
    by Andy Green, Francis Green and Nicola Pensiero
  • Research Paper 46: (How) did New Labour narrow the achievement and participation gap?
    by Geoff Whitty and Jake Anders
  • Research Paper 45: Skill Premia and Immigrant-Native Wage Gaps
    by Anna Rosso
  • Research Paper 44: Research Paper 44: Gender Segregation, Apprenticeship, and the Raising of the Participation Age in England: are Young Women at a Disadvantage?
    by Alison Fuller and Lorna Unwin
  • Research Paper 43: What Has Been Happening to the Training of Workers in Britain?
    by Francis Green, Alan Felstead, Duncan Gallie, Hande Inanc, and Nick Jewson
  • Research Paper 42: All in the mix? Top team demographics and business performance in UK firms, 2008-9
    by Max Nathan
  • Research Paper 41: Vocational Education and Training in Eastern Europe: Transition and Influence
    by John West
  • Research Paper 40: Is Britain such a bad place to work? The level and dispersion of job quality in comparative European perspective
    by Francis Green
  • Research Paper 39: Skills for Prosperity? A review of OECD and Partner Country Skill Strategies
    by Mike Campbell
  • Research Paper 38: Placing Labour Markets in the Evolution of Old Industrial Regions: the Case of Northern Rock
    by Stuart Dawley, Neill Marshall, Andy Pike, Jane Pollard and John Tomaney
  • Research Paper 37: Apprenticeship and Freelance Work: a de-centred and distributed model of learning to develop media production apprentices' vocational practice and social capital
    by David Guile and Ann Lahiff
  • Research Paper 36: Measuring the Impact of Universal Pre-School Education and Care on Literacy Performance Scores
    by Tarek Mostafa and Andy Green
  • Research Paper 35: Perceptions of Inequalities: implications for social cohesion
    by Christine Han, Jan Germen Janmaat, Bryony Hoskins and Andy Green
  • Research Paper 34: The Evolution of European Union Policies on Vocational Education and Training
    by John West
  • Research Paper 33: Economic development and skills policy: what can we learn from Territorial Innovation Models and Territorial Knowledge Dynamics?
    by Laura James
  • Research Paper 32: Pre-School Education and Care - a 'Win-Win' Policy?
    by Andy Green and Tarek Mostafa
  • Research Paper 31: Production Regimes, Employee Job Control, and Skill Development
    by Duncan Gallie
  • Research Paper 30: Estimating the effect of lifelong learning on women's earnings using a switching model
    by Richard Dorsett, Silvia Lui and Martin Weale