The LLAKES Centre publishes a series of research papers, written by both members of the Centre and by invited contributors from other organisations. These Papers typically represent work-in-progress for the authors concerned; these versions of the papers are placed on-line in order to encourage discussion and debate. There are currently 69 papers available to download.

  • Research Paper 69: The Effects of System Type and System Characteristics on Skills Acquisition in Upper Secondary Education and Training
    by Andy Green, Neil Kaye, Nicola Pensiero and Hao Phan
  • Research Paper 68: Singapore's Graduate Labour Market, 2013/2017: A Task-Based Analysis by Golo Henseke and Francis Green
    by Golo Henseke and Francis Green
  • Research Paper 67: Schoolwork in lockdown: new evidence on the epidemic of educational poverty.
    by Francis Green
  • Research Paper 66: Higher Education, Initial Vocational Education and Training and Continuing Education and Training: Where Should the Balance Lie?
    by Geoff Mason
  • Research Paper 65: Changing Preferences for Brexit: Identifying the Groups with Volatile Support for 'Leave'
    by Jan Germen Janmaat, Gabriella Melis, Andy Green and Nicola Pensiero
  • Research Paper 64: Conceptualising Learner Agency: A Socio-Ecological Developmental Approach
    by Ingrid Schoon
  • Research Paper 63: A National Learning Entitlement: Moving Beyond University Tuition Fees
    by Tom Schuller, Alan Tuckett and Tom Wilson
  • Research Paper 62: Who Chooses Private Schooling in Britain and Why?
    by Francis Green, Jake Anders, Morag Henderson and Golo Henseke
  • Research Paper 61: The Case for an All-Age Graduate Tax in England
    by Andy Green and Geoff Mason
  • Research Paper 60: Which skills contribute most to absorptive capacity, innovation, and productivity performance? Evidence from the US and Western Europe
    by Geoff Mason, Ana Rincon-Aznar and Francesco Venturini
  • Research Paper 59: “Painted from life ...” A Disengaged Youth? Young people and NEETs in a devastated country
    by Nikos Papadakis and Maria Drakaki, Antonis Papargyris, Vassilis Dafermos, Maria Basta, Panagiotis Theodorikakos, Prokopis Pandis, Argyris Kyridis
  • Research Paper 58: Does student loan debt deter participation in Higher Education? New evidence from England
    by Claire Callender and Geoff Mason
  • Research Paper 57: The Inter-generational Effect of Education: Controlling for Bias due to Compulsory Schooling
    by Richard Dorsett and Martin Weale
  • Research Paper 56: What young English people do once they reach school-leaving age: A cross-cohort comparison for the last 30 years
    by Jake Anders and Richard Dorsett
  • Research Paper 55: Dreaming Big: Self-Evaluations, Aspirations, High-Valued Social Networks and the Private School Earnings Premium
  • Research Paper 54: Intergenerational and inter-ethnic well-being: an analysis for the UK
    by Richard Dorsett, Cinzia Rienzo, and Martin Weale
  • Research Paper 53: "Graduate Jobs" in OECD Countries: Development and Analysis of a Modern Skills-Based Indicator
    by Golo Henseke and Francis Green
  • Research Paper 52: Vocational Education and Training as a career path for young people: making choices in England and Denmark
    by Natasha Kersh and Ida Juul
  • Research Paper 51: Supporting an Ageing workforce: Implications for Working Life, Training and Skills Policy in England - a Literature Review
    by Lorna Unwin, Gayna Davey, Alison Fuller and Pauline Leonard
  • Research Paper 50: The Changing Graduate Labour Market: Analysis Using a New Indication of Graduate Jobs
    by Francis Green and Golo Henseke