• Jan Germen Janmaat

    Reader in Comparative Social Science, UCL Institute of Education, University College London

    Lifelong and Comparative Education
    Centre for Learning and Life Chances in Knowledge Economies and Societies (LLAKES)
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  • Jan Germen Janmaat

Role in LLAKES

Deputy Director; Leader of Theme 3: Theme Three examines models of lifelong learning across countries to understand more fully how different education systems impact on skills distribution, civic values and social cohesion. All projects will use international comparisons to assess the effects of macro-level contextual conditions – educational, socio-economic and cultural – on these outcomes. Leader of project 3.3."Lifelong Learning Systems, Equality and Civic Values" This project explores whether regional varieties of civic culture can be identified across Europe and East Asia and whether these varieties correspond to varieties of capitalism, welfare regimes and regimes of social cohesion. It will also examine whether lifelong learning systems are related to patterns of civic culture.

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  • LLAKES Projects

    Theme 3 Project 1: Causes and Dynamics of the Unequal Distribution of Skills among Adults: A Cross-Country Analysis

    Theme 3 Project 3: Lifelong Learning Systems, Equality and Civic Values

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    Articles in peer-reviewed journals:

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