• Ann Margaret Doyle

    Department of Lifelong and Comparative Education
    Centre for Learning and Life Chances in Knowledge Economies and Societies (LLAKES)
  • Ann Margaret Doyle

Role in LLAKES

Visiting Research Associate. I specialise in comparative history and comparative sociology of education. I have a particular interest in social equality in education and the impact of ideology on education.

  • LLAKES Projects

  • Recent Outputs and Activities

    Doyle, A. (2018) Social Equality: France and England 1789 - 1939, London, Palgrave Macmillan.

    “Catholic Church and state relations in French education in the nineteenth century: the struggle between laïcité and religion”, International Studies in Catholic Education, 2017, Vol 9, Issue 1.

    I have also completed a research paper entitled: Social Equality in Education: Why are France and England different?  A comparative historical analysis from 1789 to 1939.

    I have been involved in carrying out literature and documentary reviews for a project on comparative curricula in states that have scored highly in PISA.


    Spoken: English (native speaker); French (advanced); Spanish (intermediate).

    Written: English (native language); French (advanced); Spanish (intermediate).

    Earlier publications

    Doyle, Ann (2008) ‘Educational performance or educational inequality: what can we learn from PISA about France and England?’, Compare, 38, 2, pp. 205-217.

    Doyle, Ann (2006) ‘Educational Equality, Religion, and social integration: France and England’ in Sprogøe, J. and Winther-Jensen, T. (eds.),  Identity, Education and Citizenship – Multiple Interrelations Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. pp. 51-63.

    Doyle, Ann (2006) ‘Educational Equality, Religion and the Education of Muslim Pupils: a comparative study of France and England’ in Griffin, Rosarii (ed.) Education in the Muslim World: different perspectives.

    Doyle, Ann (2002) ‘Ethnocentrism and History Textbooks: representation of the Irish Famine 1845-49 in history textbooks in English secondary schools’, Intercultural Education, 13, 3, pp. 315-330.

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