ESRC Legacy Grant - Generating Impact

ESRC Legacy Grant - Generating Impact

Andy Green

LLAKES received ESRC legacy funding for three years from May  2019 to contribute towards the continuation of LLAKES as an ESRC-branded centre that builds on the impact of its existing research and develops this research is new ways which will deliver new impacts.

This review panel commented that: "this was an excellent proposal put forward by an outstanding multidisciplinary Centre, clearly aligned with ESRC and UKRI's strategic priorities, with a strong track record in terms of research excellence, scientific impact and knowledge exchange with a range of international research users".

These impact generating activities occur  across three strands of work in LLAKES:

  1. Skills and Labour Markets (F. Green; A. Green; Pensiero and Henseke).
  2. Comparative Analysis of Youth Transitions and Intergenerational Inequalities. (A. Green; Janmaat; Pensiero; Schoon). 
  3. Social Attitudes, Social Integration and Social Cohesion (Janmaat and A. Green).